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Free certification course covering the NIO – Next-Generation IO™ devices.

In recent years, IO has become the preferred technique for achieving vascular access in emergency situations when an IV is not an option. That's why we've created the NIO – Next-Generation IO™, a family of fast, reliable, all-in-one IO devices for gaining immediate vascular access in adult, pediatric, and infant patients.

We invite you to learn more about our line of NIO – Next-Generation IO™ devices and explore how they can simplify your practice and elevate your level of care.

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Who is this for?

  • Physicians

  • Paramedics

  • Registered Nurses

  • First responders

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Meet your Instructors

Medical Director

Dr. Mike Simpson

Dr. Mike Simpson is Medical Director for PerSys Medical. PerSys Medical is one of the pillar companies that formed Safeguard Medical in July 2021. In addition to providing insight for product road maps, Dr. Simpson leads PerSys Medical in all clinical matters, including the development of emergency medical solutions and their practical application in real-time medical events. Prior to joining PerSys Medical, Dr. Simpson served in the US military for over thirty years. He has served as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Medical Sergeant, and, ultimately, as an Emergency Medicine Physician assigned to Joint Special Operations Command.


Andrea Spivey

Andrea Spivey BSN, RN is the US Sales Manager for PerSys Medical. PerSys Medical is one of the pillar companies that formed Safeguard Medical in July 2021. Andrea leads the US sales and clinical team with growth strategies in sales, training and professional development, cadaver lab education, and staying current on industry standards for safe and effective trauma care. These are just a few of the contributions she gives to PerSys Medical. Prior to joining PerSys Medical, Andrea directed different health care organizations as a top leader, she also has 18 years of trauma nursing and critical care experience in various ER’s across the US.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    IO Theory Clinical Overview

    • IO Theory

    • When Should IO Access be Used?

    • Indications & Contraindications

    • Pain management & Complications

    • Clinical Overview: Quiz

  • 2

    NIO Family Intro

    • NIO – Next-Generation IO: Introduction

  • 3

    NIO Adult

    • NIO Adult: Introduction

    • NIO Adult Insertion-Site Locating: Proximal Humerus

    • NIO Adult Insertion-Site Locating: Proximal Tibia

    • NIO Adult: Operating

    • NIO Adult: Post-Insertion

    • NIO Adult: Removal

    • NIO Adult: Tips

    • NIO Adult: Quiz

  • 4

    NIO Pediatric

    • NIO Pediatric: Introduction

    • NIO Pediatric Insertion-Site Locating: Proximal Tibia

    • NIO Pediatric: Operating

    • NIO Pediatric: Post-Insertion

    • NIO Pediatric: Removal

    • NIO Pediatric: Tip

    • NIO Pediatric: Quiz

  • 5

    NIO Infant

    • NIO Infant : Introduction

    • NIO Infant Insertion-Site Locating: Proximal Tibia

    • NIO Infant: Operating

    • NIO Infant: Post-Insertion

    • NIO Infant: Removal

    • NIO Infant: Tips

    • NIO Infant: Quiz

  • 6


    • Warnings

  • 7

    NIO Simulation Kit – Adult & Pediatric

    • NIO Simulation Kit: Introduction

    • NIO Simulation Adult: Operating

    • NIO Simulation Adult: Reloading

    • NIO Simulation Pediatric: Operating

    • NIO Simulation Pediatric: Reloading

    • NIO Simulation: Troubleshooting

    • NIO Simulation: QUIZ

  • 8

    NIO Simulation Kit – Infant

    • NIO Simulation Infant Kit: Introduction

    • NIO Simulation Infant: Operating

    • NIO Simulation Infant: Using the Training Leg

    • NIO Simulation Infant: Quiz

  • 9

    Test Yourself

    • NIO Knowledge Center: Final Exam